In an emergency always call 999

Location: Long Marton
Callsign: MX1787
Date: 28th July 2016

At approximately 17:00 today BEEP Fund Doctor Theo Weston was called by the North West Ambulance Service to attend to a 37 year old man holidaying in a caravan near Long Marton. Whilst cutting up meat, the kitchen knife he was using slipped and caused a very deep and significant wound in his leg; as a result he severed his femoral artery and lost a very large amount of blood. His condition was deemed critical and was treated at the scene for his injuries, using techniques and equipment developed from a war zone.

When the Great North Air Ambulance, Pride of Cumbria, arrived he was given a blood transfusion before being flown to the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough for ongoing treatment and surgery to repair the artery.



Chris in hospital supported by his friends, Chez, Russel, and Sarah.
© @imchrissharples 2016

BASICS North West are happy to report that the patient has made a full recovery, and has hobbled his way out of James Cook University Hospital on the 2nd August!

This is another example of the lifesaving work carried out by emergency medicine charities across the North West, but to continue this work we rely completely on charitable donations from members of the public. For ideas on how to support us please take a look at our fundraising pages now!


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