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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about the charity and the work we undertake.

What are your operating hours?

As a charity we run alongside the ambulance service both within the North West and Shropshire areas, therefore we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.

Is it just Doctors who can respond?

At the moment we have a Memorandum of Understanding between the charity and the ambulance service which is very specific with regards to the skills that BASICS responders need to bring to the scene of an incident.
However, changes are afoot within the North West and this position may change in the future to include Paramedics and potentially Nurses too!

How can I support you?

There are many ways to support us in our life-saving mission.

  • Fundraise – You can spread awareness of the charity and become a fundraiser. This may include assisting us at events, running your own fundraising campaigns, or simply using social media to spread the charity message.
  • Donate – If becoming a fundraiser isn’t your thing you can make a donation to the charity, either as a one-off payment or as a recurring payment. For all the details on how to do this go to our Donation pages.
  • Respond – If you are a registered Doctor and wish to sign up as a responder then fill out the expression of interest form and a member of the team will be in touch.
I'm a student, can I come and observe?


Unfortunately as much as we would love to support students and other observers this is simply impractical. As all of our responders sign-on duty voluntarily they are often in the midst of their day jobs when a call comes in for them. As we have no way to predict when and where a call will come from having observers out with us will not work. We do actively encourage students to engage in the pre-hospital field and we support BASICS Juniors to that end.

The ambulance service and the air ambulance however both allow observers to attend a shift with them, but only at certain times.

Who is invited to your CPD events?



We welcome anybody who is interested in pre-hospital emergency care to actively engage in our CPD events. First Aider, CFR, Technicians, Paramedics, Doctors, GP’s and Consultants! Everyone is welcome, and we firmly believe that everyone can bring something new to the discussion – irrespective of their skill level. For full details of all of our upcoming events please see our Eventbrite page!

How can I get in touch with you?


You can email the charity at and a member of our team will get back in touch with you within 48 hours. Alternatively use the contact form below!

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write to us at